No time to make Cinnamon Rolls from Scratch? Store Bought are perfection in the Instant Vortex Plus!

Perfect kid-friendly meal that will please the whole family! Really want to kick it up a notch serve it over french fries!! Healthy? No… but the kids will call you SUPER MOM!

Instant Pot Quick Meat Spaghetti. Perfect for those busy nights when you need some hearty & delicious quickly.

What kid doesn’t love meatballs and pasta?!? This 7 minute Instant Pot recipe is a favorite for all ages. Quick and Easy back to school meal.

Most owners do not know they can make Popcorn in their Instant Pot. 

A classic Meal done quickly and deliciously in minutes in the Instant Pot!

I like to use Chili as a base for a couple of different meals… Chili, Frito Pies, on baked potatoes, Chili buns and hot dogs. I am not a fan of a super spicy, hot Chili.

Looking for a side dish for a BBQ or grilling at your campsite? Nothing says summer like Corn on the Cob, It makes visions of watermelon, fireworks, lake swimming and camping come to mind! My family loves Corn on the Cob. Mostly… Read More

Pardon My Mess…

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. Please Pardon our mess.. we are a work in progress! I am transitioning all of my recipes from my travel website.. My Minnie Life . This website will only be my recipes… Read More

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