Instant Pot – Cornish Hens



Cornish Hens – Instant Pot

(In my 8-quart Instant Pot with a removable rack. )


Ingredients you will need:


2 Cornish Hens

2 cups of Italian Dressing or Chicken stock




Step one:

Set your pressure cooker for poultry. Pressure Cook time on 2 hens is 20 mins for thawed hens or 45 mins for frozen.


Step Two:

If you would like to sear the sear the skin this is a great time. (See my post on how to do this in a pressure cooker…. here.) Place a rack at the bottom of your pressure cooker to keep from burning and over cooking the hens.


Step Three:

Place both hens side by side on top of rack.


Step Four:

Pour Italian dressing over each hen and allow it to pool under the rack at the bottom of the pot.




Step Five:

Replace the lid and set exhaust to airtight.


Step Six:

When the hens have finished cooking. Release the pressure.


Step Seven:

Remove hens from pressure cooker.. allow to cool 5 minutes.


Step Eight:

Carve and Enjoy.