Instant Pot 7 Minute Meatball Pasta


One of my families favorite camping meals! Meatballs and pasta made in my Instant Pot.

Italian Style Meatballs – (for us about 24)
32 oz Spaghetti Sauce
16oz Package of Penne Rigate pasta
About 28oz of Water
Tablespoon of Minced Garlic
1/2 teaspoon of Italian Seasoning

1. Set your pressure cooker for a 7 minute under pressure cook.

2. Layer the meatballs in the bottom of your pressure cooker.

3. Pour in package of Penne Rigate pasta.

4. Add in entire jar of sauce

5. Add about 28oz of water to sauce jar, shake, pour around edge of cooker until pasta is covered but does not float.

6. Add Minced Garlic and Italian Seasoning on top of sauce. DO NOT STIR INGREDIENTS.

7. Close up pressure cooker, make sure exhaust value is on airtight. Allow it to come to pressure and cook.

8. When it has cook under pressure for 7 minutes, release pressure, stir and serve.

We like to add some mozzarella cheese to our bowls and also a side of garlic bread or knots.